Training «Talent Attraction based on EVP and Employer Branding» in Kiev soon

On October 12, Digest HR Outlook and DOPOMOGA GROUP, organize a training on "Talent Attraction strategy based on EVP and Employer Branding" in Kiev.

The aim of the workshop is to give practical knowledge and a set of tools that allows anyone to audit, evaluate, and develop an ad hoc talent attraction strategy based on the company culture and employee value proposition, leveraging conventional and unconventional recruitment strategies such as recruitment marketing and inbound talent attraction. The workshop explains how to identify the CVP (candidate value proposition), understand the differences between employer branding and employment branding, along with other concepts, in order build a solid talent community to be nurtured on the long-term.

Speaker: Adriano Corso, Recruiting Marketing Manager in Davis Nolan and Next Generation, where he works to develop innovative talent attraction strategies leveraging inbound marketing. Previously Talent Community Manager and Recruitment Marketing Consultant with IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization, where he was working to solution digital and online recruitment marketing activities for the IBM’s RPO division.

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DOPOMOGA GROUP раскрывает секреты в поиске кандидатов

16-17 июля 2015, Кишинев, Молдова

Уважаемый эксперт и яркий профессионал в области технологий привлечения талантов, Катерина Скибская, Генеральный директор DOPOMOGA GROUP, 16-17 июля 2015 в Кишиневе проведет уникальный двухдневный тренинг "Вся правда об Executive Recruiting".

"Вся правда об Executive Recruiting" поможет участникам тренинга сформировать личные техники в поиске кандидатов, предотвратить грубые ошибки, систематизировать имеющиеся навыки в обучении рекрутеров, вывести формулу успеха и придерживаться её в работе.

Регистрация уже открыта, количество мест ограничено.
Программа тренинга здесь.
Стоимость участия: 200EUR

По вопросам участия и рекламной поддержки обращаться к модератору тренинга:

Координатор в Молдове: Евгения Дану
+373 78 808 500

HR-breakfast "International Recruiting" will take place at Le Café Parisien, Chisinau

Exchange of experience — is not always strict conference halls, office chairs and compulsory flipchart. It is also a fragrant coffee, tart wine, crispy croissants. HR-breakfast made its choice — Le Café Parisien, Moldavian cafe with French soul. Meeting on international recruitment will become not only professional HR event, but also intersection of different cultures.
We invite you to join the HR-breakfast - to learn about practices of DOPOMOGA Ukraine, get acquainted with colleagues, spend your time pleasantly and usefully.

The meeting will take place in Chisinau at Arborilor, 21, Le Café Parisien, October 23, 12:00
To participate, call: Eugene Danu +373 069 939 840.
More about the meeting here: 

The meeting is free.

We are looking forward to you!

HR Summit Timisoara 2014

HR Summit - is the main regional platform dedicated to HR. The event is held in three cities in Romania – Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi.
HR Summit was held on May 29th, 2014 in Romania, Timisoara for the first time. In total, the summit was attended by more than 110 HR professionals and managers from more than 40 companies. This event brought together HR-specialists, representatives of recruitment agencies, headhunters, coaches, outsourcing companies and other HR professionals.

There were discussed such questions as successful selection of candidates, investing in employees' skills, identifying talents, new recruitment strategies online and the latest trends in the field of HR. Also there were discussions about the new process in HR – HR&Gamification and represented results of research about employee motivation.
Moreover, the summit was supplemented by exhibition where companies and HR services providers presented to the public their portfolios of products and services.

Despite the fact that the HR Summit was for the first held in Timisoara, we can confidently say that summit had a great success. This meeting provided an opportunity to meet and talk directly to the experts, staffing agencies from across the country and region, expand the network of business contacts, gain new knowledge and skills, track and discuss new trends in HR at the national and international markets. 

Hopefully, this is the first but not the last HR Summit in Timisoara!


DOPOMOGA GROUP rep. renewed cooperation with Fautor

In April 2017 was resumed a pleasant cooperation with Fautor.

"F'autor '' - a family company, which was founded in the late XX century. The path from the beginning to the present was marked by achievements and awards, and the success lies in the experience and enthusiasm of family members, as well as the talent of the winemaker. 

The name "Fautor" comes from the Latin language and means "author, creator", emphasizing the maximum responsibility and personal approach of the winemaker to the quality.

Six months of active and successful cooperation with Fujikura Automotive MLD

At the end of 2016 DOPOMOGA GROUP rep. has established cooperation with Fujikura Automotive MLD.

The company has been operating in Moldova since June 2016. In mid-April representatives of the company organized an official opening ceremony of the plant. At the time of the ceremony, the number of employees was over 1200 people, this number could grow twice by 2020.

Fujikura Automotive MLD is a manufacturer of automotive wiring with more than 15 years of experience in the automotive market in Europe. The history of the company has begun when its founder Zenachi Fujikura opened the production of silk and cotton windings used for electrical equipment in 1885.

Act as the host of your city!

The DOPOMOGA GROUP REPRESENTATIVE Team, with the support of the City Hall of Chisinau, voluntary youth organizations "Youth League" and "Ekomed", Iandes Company, came on April 4 to a spring community work day. Despite the quite cool weather, we cleaned the small park near the monument of architecture "The City Gateway", which is considered to be the hallmark of Chisinau.

"We found enjoyment in the process, we had a lot of fun! Feeling that you are doing something very important and useful, even more inspire and encourage to be the master of your city," - Evghenia Danu, Territory Director, The DOPOMOGA GROUP REP.

The DOPOMOGA GROUP REP. is the main staff supplier in Moldova. It conducts business activities in the Republic since 2006. The DOPOMOGA GROUP REP. celebrated 9 years of its presence in Moldova on April 4.

VivaMed is our new partner

DOPOMOGA GROUP rep. established partnership with “VivaMed”.

VivaMed Medical Center has been working since 2006 as a health care settings for servicing of seafarers and shore establishments personnel. Since 2011 it has become the chief territorial authority of All-Ukrainian Association of Maritime Medicine.

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